What is Geovault?

Geovault is a peer to peer microloan platform for business owners in developing countries to apply for microloans.

Loans ranging from $100 to $1000 US Dollars.

Geovault is also an encrypted, password protected, FREE digital document storage platform.

Birth and marriage certificates, school graduation and university diplomas, land survey maps and land ownership records.

Protect you documents from Tsunami, Earth Quakes and Hurricanes upload via the borrow application form.

Are you a Borrower or a Lender?

How does it Work?

Think Facebook microlending where borrowers and lenders meet.

Borrowers fill out a loan application introducing themselves and their business.

Business request loan amount and describe how funds will be used.

Descriptions and photos of their home and business location are uploaded to Geovault.

Lenders need information as to who the Borrower is and the risk verses reward in loaning the money.

Lenders contact borrowers and communicate until lender is ready to fund the micro loan.

Lender and borrow join the kraken.com cryptocurrency website where funds are transfer to borrow.

Borrower makes loan payments via kraken.com crypto system.

Lender give credit rating one through five stars.

Step One: Sign up as Borrower or Lender

Step Two: Gather the coordinates of your land boundaries inside the Geovault App

Step Three: Borrowers apply for microloans and lenders scroll through borrow applications to find a match.