About Project

What is Geovault?

Geovault is a peer to peer microloan platform where business owners in developing countries can apply for microloans ranging from $100 to $1000 US

And for individuals, Geovault is an encrypted, password protected, FREE digital document storage site examples:

Birth and Marriage Certificates, Graduation and School and University Diplomas, Land Ownership Records, Land Survey Maps and Records,

Business Ownership Records, Death Certificates etc

Think Government Records Office secured in the the cloud

Personal and business photos of home and family, neighborhood street views, major landmarks and intersections to establish a GEO Identity location

Who you are and where you live (Think Drivers License and Facebook)

Geovault can be used to transfer Land Titles and Business Ownership Sales using Blockchain documentation and recordation

Most developing countries have government offices holding paper copies of legal documents

Accessing these documents creates barriers

Geovault seeks to digitize these documents which can be cross verified later

Privacy is maintained by limiting access to the vault and Blockchain tracing for upload and access information

How does it Work?

Think Facebook microlending where borrowers and lenders meet

Borrowers fill out a loan application introducing themselves and their business

Business owners request loan amount and how the loan will be used

Descriptions and photos of their home and business location so the Lender can establish a clear picture of who they are lending to for a risk and reward calculation

Google Earth longitude and latitude of home and business four property corners are required to establish a GEO location

Borrower's application can be searched by peer lenders willing to fund loans from $100 to $1000 US and a set rates of 1% above US prime per annum

Loans are for maximum one year or short term as requested

Geovault paypal using Blockchain documenting payments

Payment history begins a credit rating system to be used in future loan approvals

Because of lending history of successful repayment, female owned business will have a greater opportunity for funding

Why Geovault ?

Developed countries benefit from an "invisible infrastructure" which evolved over centuries of survey maps

Survey maps establish ownership boundaries and property rights

Property rights protect owners from illegal invasion creating a secure domicile

All rights have responsibilities like property taxes and neighborhood security watch and common area parks need clean up

Developing countries have land but lack updated survey ownership maps

They allow Squatter Rights when they could be offering Homestead Rights

Pride of ownership and real estate markets develop once you have maps and public ownership records

Land becomes the glue anchoring the citizens to the government because the government keeps their records

Government leaders will need to disclose ownership and property tax payments

Government leaders land title can be used as collateral to insure honesty when collecting taxes

When you have title to land you have collateral for funding and business development

Industries like agriculture and insurance and banking begin to grow

Homesteads allow the :have nots" to farm and feed themselves

Economic migrants will have a reason to stay in their home country

Own a piece of the land be vested in making their country work

This will take time so let's get started