Phase One:

Market website/app to one hundred Filipino Loan Applicants for beta testing

Working out the bugs, formatting the photos and applicants information

Fine tuning the geo coordinates for future land surveys

Marketing website/app to one hundred peer lenders willing to micro loan $100 to $1000

Getting links to Filipino Chambers of commerce

Multilevel Marketing Groups with large downline connections

Approaching Filipino Surveyor Association

Evaluating challenges and making corrections

First first benchmark will be one hundred Peer Borrower applicants

Second benchmark will be matching Peer Lenders to Borrowers fund the loans

Phase Two:

One thousand loans funded

Expand Server Farm Bandwidth

Invite institutional lenders to join us

Seek investor funding to expand

Lay ground work for Geovault crypto tied to US dollar.

Create revenue streams for access to database

Phase Three:

Ten Thousand Loans funded and payback

Document revenues from fees for transactions and access

Phase Four:

One hundred thousand loans

Invite google and or facebook for a joint venture conversation

Phase Five:

One million loans funded

Sell out to Google or Facebook