Long Term Benefits

We are crowd sourcing the microbial mapping of the world

Humans need a safe place to sleep every night.

Land rights and human rights go hand in hand.


For decades the developed world has tried to help the developing world

Peace Corp 1961

IMF and World Bank 1940s

USAID 1960s

We could list more, however the question is, what do we have to show for our efforts?

Most developing countries suffer from corruption and mismanagement

If the above organizations had required surveying mapping

Public Land Records

Lending to individuals along with governments

Required political leaders to surety bond using personal homes and real estate to as collateral

Promoted individual ownership of land with public records

Property taxes public records

The developed world would have more to show for the decades and trillions of dollar

Individual ownership of property saves lives

Property Rights and Human Rights go hand in hand

The right to raise your children in a secure domicile

Dr. Hernando De Soto Perú (The mystery of Capital and The Other Path)

Economic ideas recognized but difficult to implement until now

Microlending entices phone app registrations. Microloans using blockchain cryptocurrency, funding transactions become traceable. Phone app users digitally register their business. Business owners and homeowners use apps to survey their land boundaries. As data is uploaded we convert squatter rights to homestead rights. We are creating a database for public records and property taxes. Cryptocurrency = Goods and Services bypassing paper currency starves corrupt leaders of their tax revenue. Crypto digit dollar barter system. Microlending can be targeted to encourage economic migrants to stay in their home countries and have ownership of land. Eventually the government sees steady tax revenue through property taxes. Over time all land ownership records become digital and public. Voters begin to see who owns what land and are they paying their taxes. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Large swaths of land can be surveyed using drone technology

Areas held by drug cartels or guerilla group can be offers land in exchange for guns

Microloans for farming, schools, hospitals using homes and business for collateral

Police and Military are offered land and homes for their service

The land is no longer a dormant asset, tax revenues fund the government and everyone has a stake

As the database grows economies evolve

Crypto becomes the currency of choice eliminating $100 dollar bills in suitcases

Registration of business creates ownership which can be sold for profit

Transferring title from seller to buyer is shortened real estate markets grow

Insurance and Banking follow

Blockchain replaces title insurance and the need for attorneys

The cost of printing currency is eliminated

Once tiles to real estate are establish foreign purchases of real property increase

As developing countries stabilize rules for foreign investment of land and ownership rights

More money flows to the country as foreigners are allowed to take tile and they pay taxes

Having a clear chain of title creates a title chain for future investigations

Legal law suites with assessed judgments now have a real property asset to lien

Life liberty and the pursuit of … PROPERTY the original words from Jefferson

We know this is not a panacea but only a small piece of a complicated puzzle