Why Cryptocurrency

Is it time for the world banking system to embrace cryptocurrency?

Geovault uses crypto and blockchain to track loan payments.

When peer lenders and borrower register on Geovault, their privacy is protected;

however, they are never anonymous. The crypto is USDC or USDT based. The peer lender purchases the cryptocurrency in an amount equal to the loan amount. kraken.com or other money transfer platforms. The crypto is transferred to the peer borrower. The borrower converts the crypto to their country currency via crypto ATMS. Geovault is committed to transparency so every step is a blockchain documented. Crypto the future and blockchain is essential for transaction documentation. As the cryptocurrency becomes more widely accepted. Business to business transactions could be conducted using crypto, similar to a barter currency.

The need for paper money recedes. Paper currency helps corruption flourish. Crypto and blockchain technology fights corruption in developing economies.

Crypto brings sunshine into the shadow. Using blockchain cryptocurrency, smartphone identity registration with GPS land surveys opens more sun brings more shine. Geo coordinate lead to land surveys and homestead rights. More land ownership with digitize public records leads to property tax collection.

Cryptocurrency = Goods and Services and can bypass the country paper currency.

Cryptocurrency = direct funding to registered individuals.

Geovault = Peer to Peer microlending using photos, digital records and land GPS using smartphone technology.