Why GeoVault

For decades the developed world has tried to help the developing world.

World Bank started in the 1940s.

USAID started in the 1960s.

Peace Corp started under President Kennedy in 1961.

There are many more. The question is after decades, what do we developed world have to show for our efforts? Most developing countries suffer from corruption and mismanagement.

If the above organizations had required survey mapping and created public access ownership records as part of loan funding requirements it might have helped. Developing countries need public records. More transparently means less corruption. Sunshine is the disinfectant.

Lending to individuals while simultaneously funding large government infrastructure creates a left right punch. Requiring political leaders to secure surety bonds by using personal homes and real estate as bonding collateral can help fight corruption. Promoting individual ownership of land with public records

helps collect property taxes via the public records.

The developed world would have more to show for the decades of effort and trillions of dollars if individual property ownership of land had increased and public land records had been created.

Property Rights and Human Rights go hand in hand. The right to raise your children in a secure domicile.

Dr. Hernando De Soto Perú (The mystery of Capital and The Other Path) shows the missing puzzle piece.

This website will help digitally implement De Soto economics.

Digitally formalize the "informal economy" .

His economic ideas have been recognized and valued but difficult to implement until now with Geovault.

This is not a panacea, only a small piece of a complicated puzzle.