Data has monetary value. Geovault helps developing countries improve google maps. DHL, FEDEX UPS, Uber, Lift all benefit as the google maps increase data. Data like street photos, home and business registration. Geo locating property boundaries. Geovault assists banking for the unbanked and property tax collection. Political voter registration increases as rural areas come into focus. Insurance, banking, Real Estate transactions all benefit . Digitizing public access to records like business registration and land ownership becomes valuable to he who has the data.

Why would anyone in the developing world want this app even if it is free

  1. Confirmation of land ownership for future disputes

  2. Microloans give hope to developing countries

  3. This app helps economic migrants homestead land in home country

  4. Geovault becomes the “Hall of Records”

  5. Renters can use app to build Personal Identification File

  6. Landlords can share records confirming good and or bad tenants

  7. Confirmation of Identification for visa and passports to working in neighboring countries

  8. Micro loans for business and personal home improvements creating credit reports and collateral

  9. First step in getting Non-Profit funding for home and neighborhood improvements

  10. Database needed for Community and Neighborhood development

  11. Labor payments for digging ditches for community sewer treatment plants paid with cryptocurrency

  12. Sweat equity improving home and business

  13. Funding for education for neighborhood schools teachers and staff paid with crypto

  14. Funding for education via property tax assessed per square foot and paid through sweat equity and crypto

  15. Public records of ownership to help fight corruption through Transparency

  16. Mapping for mail and package delivery home and business

  17. Increase in commerce across International Borders digital identity accessed via the internet on the phone

  18. Freedom to cross borders movement for commercial development

  19. Helping the have nots create collateral through sweat equity and ownership

  20. Creating blockchain of title paper trails to increase the speed of transfer of title and financing

  21. Create a multiple listing system or MLS Real Estate database

  22. Reducing the time to transact Real Estate sales so the cash flows more quickly