Why Microlending

With economic migrants flooding from developing countries to developed countries, how can we

help them stay in their own countries? Dr. Hernando de Soto The Mystery of Capital, has the

answers. Peer to peer micro lending of small loans, $100 to $1000, at low interest rates.

Bypassing corrupt governments, the money goes directly to female borrowers.

Microloans target geographic locations, say, for example, sections of Guatemala. 

The loan request is made via a smartphone application.

The application would require a Google map longitude and latitude of the potential borrowers

property, a GEO identity rough land survey via smartphone.

Then, the funds are transferred via BLOCKCHAIN cryptocurrency accounting.

Peer lenders register GEO identity and borrowers register identity into the crypto banking


Facebook type platform puts lender and borrower together 

Not all loan applications get funded but the data collected helps GEO map the developing

country for future use like property taxes and ownership records or homestead applications.

Tax incentives can encourage lenders to loan and interest earned could be tax free?