Borrower Application

Borrower Application

Lenders want to know the individual borrowing their money

They want to get to know you especially when you are outside their country

Upload photos of family and your business

Register the Geo Location longitude latitude Street views of home and business locations

We need all four corners of the property if possible see you tube link below

Identity documents Birth Certificates, University and Marriage Certificates

Government issued ID all need to be uploaded

Your documents will be secure and accessible by you at anytime for free

See youtube video link for instructions photo below

Loan amount requests are $100.00 to $1,000.00

How much are you wanting to borrow

How will you use the money

Borrower commits to make payments on the first of each month

Lender and Borrower set interest rate at 1% over US prime rate using simple interest

Example loan amount $1,000.00

US prime is at 4% + 1% = 5% x $1,000.00 = $50.00

So $1,000.00 + $50.00= $1,050.00 divided by 12 months = $87.50 per month

Loan payments are due on the 1st of each month and late after the 15th

Payments made after the 15th will be assessed a late fee of 10% of payment amount

Payment records will create a credit report file for the borrower

Loans will be for a 12 month term interest rates will be on 1% above bank prime rates US

The rate for the loan will be set and agreed upon by lender and borrow prior to funding

Borrower understands their payment record helps them build credit will be reported

Credit helps bad credit hurts